Life after Exams:Overrated..

Good morning everybody! As the title suggests, I have finished my exams and got nothing to do.. (Well, that is only half true. Gots stuff to do but kinda malas to do them..) But in all honesty, I am just bumming around in the house, which I now have all to myself since my housemates semua sudah balik kampung. Oh, this post wont be about Berlin (but I can say its just around the corner, so wait for it!). Right, i finished my papers last friday and since then, keraja saya makan, minum serta tidur.. And the weather was quite buntu so i didnt bother to go out jua (was raining, windy and cold!)

So let me tell some stories about this year's exam experience. I just had three exam papers this year (will have just two papers in my third year). And everytime I tell people that I have just three papers, the common responses i get are "Ugh, I hate you!" or "Sasak ku mendangar eh!!" Yes, when people say "I'm happy if you're happy." they are lying! Haha.. I was surprised i didnt get hate mail to my house.. Buka sampul, ada card that says "Three Eff-in papers?? I hate you!!"

During the first paper, I was quite nervous for some reason (aku rasa sebab inda biasa with exam conditions). And after the usual announcements were made ".. you are not allowed to smoke.." (SIAPA KAN BESIGUP TIME EXAM AH??) we got to writing and i calmed down a bit (the lecturer was nice enough to set a question that we went through in detail in the revision class four days before..) In my three hour paper, things understandably get boring for the invigilators. Arah kami kana sediakan air minum for the candidates so all you have to do is minta and kana bawakan tu straight to your table (macam Mamih jua lah. SIASIAPUN!) Halfway through the paper, karing leher abis peramba so minta tah ku air. ISKI WAH THE INVIGILATOR ada something for her to do!! And when the lady brought the water over, she put the cup down on my table and kaciuman semerbak wanginya perfume nya!! It was so nice! Mun ikutkan hati, balik balik ku minta air arahnya.. Mun urang lain bawakan, i'll say "Uhh, no no. Not you please. Can the nice smelling lady get my water? Yeah, her. You just put that back or drink it yourself, aite? Hey, maybe tomorrow you use perfume and provide for my rehydrational needs if its not too much to ask. Nice turtleneck tho."

It is nice that we get water provided during the exams. Nda payah susah susah bawa sendiri.. Well, nda pulang susah susah, just fill bottle and bawa.. Sebenarnya botol ku Dora the explorer wah, iatah malu kan ku bawa.. If only dapat bebata indo mie masuk exam hall ah.. Happy saya tu.. Anyways, after my last paper. Everyone was understandably happy and I left for home straight away. I saw this lady bersigup and kajar kajar kesajukan outside the building (it wasnt that cold, i was just wearing a tshirt!) And ia atu berjacket sudah tu.. Iatah, bersigup lagi nah. And going joggin or choosing low fat mayo once in a while wouldnt kill, you know.. (Seriously, sini its a disease!!) Time ku balik atu, it was drizzling but very very lightly that the water was in aerosol form, almost like it was sprayed into the air.. Macam mun urang sneeze in front of you without covering their mouth, but it was slightly more pleasant..

Macam ani lah lebih kurang experience nya, but without the sweaty man with the covered eyes..

So masa ani keraja ku menalor lah d rumah, wanted to watch a movie on my laptop the other day, so i decided to muat turun dari laman web. Was gonna type the name of the movie yang kan ku download, cudnt think of any!! Oh well, nanti tah ku try lagi (siapa ada title of good movies to watch, PLEASE tell me!!) Some of my other activities include playing football sorang sorang di cage arah Skinner Street and cari kelayi sama pigeon: My neighbour ada birdfeeder so banyak burung hinggap arah that birdfeed and on our pagar. If luan overcrowded rasaku, I slam my window shut so that the pigeons are startled and all but the bravest (or deafest) birds stay and continue lepak and makan.. and then happy tah rasa ku.. Yes, I am THAT kesian masa ani.. Will appreciate if readers just keep this between ourselves ;p In my defence, the birds yang hinggap on the fence will face the birdfeed and the parts that dont face the birdfeed release unpleasant stuff into our garden.. inda kan ia sibuk sibuk turn around, poop, then turn around balik, nda ja? nama nya burung, nda skulah.. come to think about it, skulah kali bah coz ia tau NOT to beria in the garden of the lady who feeds them, but to poop arah the house of the dude who bothers them and scares them when they eat and hang out innocently.. come to think about it, im surprised they dont fly to my window, leave a "thank you" gift and fly back off.. If only burung ada middle finger..

Got waAay too much time on my hands..

I got couple more stuff to blog about sebenarnya yang inda related to berlin and exams. But i try to keep this post short-ish. Oh, aku makan di Wagamama sama Si Yus and Si Mas (yes, nama dorang andang ada "Si" in front) few months back, and i got bored while waiting for the food so ku pinjam pen si Mas and tulis my name in jawi on the menu. This came out..

Apa yang ganjil nah? Those yang inda buta huruf in jawi will realise that the above arrangement of letters will read "Adbi" (or those yand pikir ia pandai baca tapi banar banarnya nda berapa skill might read it as "Adabi"..) Daym.. Ironically, that was written not long after ku cakap arah Si Yus- "Aku always mau namaku kana eja properly and in full." Kurang asam... But aku pandai tulis jawi bah biasanya! And Im sure i still do.. What happened was an honest mistake! Banar!!

"Yes Dibs, honest mistake.. Riiiight.."

Oh, talking about names, I would like to greet the following person a happy belated birthday.. "walaupun dirimu tak ku kenali, tetapi lobang hidungmu tetap menjadi FOOjaan hatiku.."

Maybe one of the parents suka banar kan marvel superheroes.. Syazwi, if you are reading this, I know you are a big Superman and Batman fan but please, PLEASE dont do this to any of your children. Sayangilah mereka.. (Especially not the first one since the first selalu subject to experiments by the parents..) Tantu pulang ko bagi nama Adbi kah.. Adib kah.. heheh ;p But mun anak ani kawin or naik haji cali ni.. "Saya Haji Batman, terima Dayangku NorFulanah.." Oh, id like to point out nada segment "Totally Unrelated" in this post cost banyak stuff yang nda related in it anyways..

Oh, id also like to mention yang masa exam aku kekurangan tidur coz aku revise till akhir malam and bangun awal to continue lagi. One night I slept at three and woke seven ish.. Baik jua inda terjejas prestasi peperiksaan saya.. But one of my friends told me that i did have some funky eyebags going on.. Well, fortunately, I found a solution to it:

This thing must be really good..

Bah, thats all that i have for now.. Will have some more stories and pictures up by this weekend insya allah.

Assalamualaikum, and thanks for dropping by. Tanpa kamu, siapalah aku.. :)

(Oh, i changed my display pic coz controversial apparently.. Its just an ice lolly bah!! >:p )