Ive been tagged!

Ive been tagged by Izzie so I have to post 8 random facts about myself!

1) I am currently living with orang puteh so I have to be aware of apa ada in the kitchen. One day aku nampak my housemate masak pasta with bacon. Ganjil pulang makan pasta sama babi but apa boleh buat, everyone has their own taste. That afternoon, terjangkau tah ku pot nya atu so tarus tah ku call my fren if ia ada tanah di belakang rumah since my backyard only has gravel.. I went to their house in shorts and tarus tah ku tayamum. Sasak ku pulang sedikit, who eats pasta sama babi?? I think its a butchering of italian cuisine if you ask me.. Nanti dorang! Mun ku sasak ku palitkan karang ayam halal arah paip di dapur atu..

2) Last december while i was shopping for tudongs for my mum, aku kana ucap pekerja tie rack oleh kaling!! I was wearing a brown jacket and jeans for crying out loud!! I dont mean to sound racist but mun kau ke negaraku, KAU ku ucap pekerja tie rack!!

3) This is a little known fact about me. When I was yet to be named as a child, I believe that one of the names proposed was "Murni". Wouldn't that be interesting? I'm quite happy with the name I have now though. Althoug i did get quite a bit of "Adib mun di tebalikkan jadi B-I-D-A~!" teases in primary school..

4) Aku pernah cuba besigup time darjah enam sekulah ugama. Ceritanya macam ani: ku tanya orang yang besigup pasal besigup ani, nya dorang siuk and dapat ilangkan stiris. Orang yang inda besigup kata inda bagus and inda sihat. I got confused coz they contradicted each other so I had a go myself. SO after paper exam, kami keluarkan sigup dari almari (no one EVER looks in the dusty cupboards of sekulah ugama madewa) and we went to the new building in the back. I had a few drags and it did nothing for me.. Just playing with smoke it seemed to me..

5) I found that I could do an english accent good enough to fool a londoner!! One of my coursemates didnt have my number so I decided to have some fun:

Storm (my friend's name): "Hello?"
Me: "Can I speak to Joseph Grisham please?"
Storm: "Sorry, U got the wrong number."
Me: "Oh, sorry mate."

He didnt have a clue it was me! I rang him once more:

Storm: "Hello?"
Me: "Joseph, the wierdest thing happened! I tried to call you just now and it turns out that I had called a wrong number. So are we still up for tonight mate?"
Storm: "... Uhh, this isnt Joseph.."
Me: "I know.. (then I changed back to my voice) This is Storm Reid.."
Storm: "What the.. Ohmigod DIBS!! Whats wrong with you?!? How did you do that??"
Me: "Haha. Its called talent mate! U guys at home?"

Hmm, Syazwi pun pernah kana this prank and I do believe Im quite adept at it.. :) heheh..

6) Back in form one, I wanted to take french as my optional subject, but since I was in the UK for holidays, my mum sent in the form with "Computer Studies" ticked.. Ive always wanted to learn a third language, but Im glad I ended up taking computer studies coz that caused me to be in MB1R and after that, lotsa fun and great things happened..

7) I am allergic to prawns and squid/cuttlefish. However, I LOVE eating prawns.. My dad used to cook this magnificent prawn curry and after the meal, I always get a bad itch in my mouth, tongue and throat. That's how I found out about my scampi allergy.. But as i said, I actually love prawns.. So its quite unfortunate for me..

8) This last fact isnt about me actually. Just something I overheard someone say to his friend in London and I quote:

"Nda mau ilang batuk ku ani. Membari sasak. Bersigup pun payah."

Wabillahi taufik walhidayah,

Wassalamualaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh.