Life updates..

Assalamualaikum! Its a cold and rather dark 6.45am in the UK right now. And i just poked my left eye after my finger slipped while i was rubbing my nose.. shit happens, yeah? Groggy masih in the morning.. haha.. Anyways, i have got absolutely no idea why im up this early since i have no classes today (not tomorrow).. (actually, I had this urge to pee come to think about it..) and knowing me, id never be able to go back to sleep once i got my 8hours. Right, quite a few things happened since my last post. There was the reading week I spent in Canterbury (saw a french gAy, yes, gay) on the train. I usually mind my own business but this dude was acting suspicious. First time he was on the phone, he talked normally but the second time, he covered the mouthpiece (alum get out of closet perhaps?). I did hear a man's voice on the other line but i thought they were having regular conversation. The guy then moved seats to the one behind us and only then he resumed talking like normal.. Like a normal gay that is.. BERLANDIH!! well, dont get me wrong, i still gave him the benefit of the doubt.. Until he hung up.. What straight man would end his phone conversation with another man with "Good stuff, thank you, MWAH! Bye!". Open and shut case, konpom nya orang brunei..

Oh, theres this one pic id like to show you all! :)

HUGE!! Iski kami kan begambar ah..

That pic was taken when we went to ashford. That was fun but i must say we did come at the wrong time of the year. Prices were pretty much the same to high street prices. Oh! I went to London last week. When i was at Victoria station i couldnt decide how to get to paddington, the tube was packed (rush hour) and buses seemed boring.. So I walked.. (I JUST realised that day that the Apollo Victoria was RIGHT NEXT to the station!) It took me about 40mins and 4.5km to walk to paddington but it was a good experience. Come on, how many people could say they felt lazy to get on the public transport and walked instead to Bru hall. (mun ada, mau ku tau siapa.) But seriously it wasnt that bad, i just had to find Grosvenor place, walk along that road and find park lane, and walk along park lane until i find Marble Arch which means i would have found Edgware road. Hmm, now that ive mentioned it, Im going to London later with Sofi and were gonna walk! Kan HRH Sultan suruh tani hidup aktif? :) Anyways, that day i JUst decided to roam around London as well as pick up my TV. (I also wanted to meet a certain someone but sadly I didnt get to.. :( I found The Dorchester on my way to Paddington as well by the way. I think I walked about 10km that day (also walked to Bayswater from Edgware). PHEW!!

My route from Victoria station to Paddington (click to enlarge)

The Dorchester

Hmm, I was thinking, wouldnt it be nice to be able to drive around UK one day? I mean, as long as u got a map or one of those sat-nav thingies i reckon it wouldnt be too much of a problem.. I must say fuel prices do discourage you to drive here.. A mule driven cart would perhaps be more appropriate.. My coursemate once asked if I drive, yes i do i said. Here? ABSOLUTELY NOT!! I still need money to eat.. But its really amazing how they could survive with such prices.. And whats more amazing is how much toilet paper they use.. Cubatah beria secara Islam, basuh pakai air.. That would eradicate the "skidmark" situation they have..

Full tank = more than 50pounds. Fill 4 times a month = 200+ pounds.. :s

Yay! I think that concludes my post for now. I'll post another one in about a weeks time (insya Allah). That post will have some pictures of my cosy room! Till next time, bye! P.S. I apologise to those who constantly check my blog coz i havent found the time to update. Thanks though! :)

Margate and Hari Raya and Gillingham.

Its that time of year again where kids knock on doors to get goodies. Nope, not halloween but Hari Raya! Yes, for those who dont know, kids will roam around the neighbourhood visiting neighbours they do not even know to try and get a few bucks. But in the spirit of Hari Raya, houses rarely reject these kids and treat them as they would other guests, with the customary green packets being handed out at the end.

This is my story..

I never understood the logic behind this "malay trick-or treating" as a kid. I mean, if I wanted money, id visit my relatives' houses, they'd usually give more lucrative amounts in those wonderful, wonderful little envelopes (hey, to kids those days any note not coloured blue was a lot!! Ten bucks back then would make you feel golden!!). Anyways, having said that, I went on with my friends one day to go "Beraya" or (بري أ) in arabic (which unfortunately and UNINTENTIONALLY also spells out 'beria..) One of the houses i went, we got served A LOT of mirinda orange.. It wouldnt hav been a problem if we hadnt JUST had plenty of soft drinks in the PREVIOUS 5 houses.. Then the lady kata "Habiskan ah, mun nda habis, nada duit raya ni (finish your drinks, otherwise there will be no money)". Me, being a cute and honest kid (perasanness) told the lady, "Nda apa aku kemari bukan aga duit..(its okay, its not your money i'm after)" Hmm, thinking about that day, I did have fun, but it wasnt because of the money, but it was because i was spending time going around the neighbourhood with my friends. I mean, these days its hard to spend time with your friends like that and it just seems we take those moments for granted. Anyways, that was the first story.

Second story: A week has passed since the first day of Syawal.. Everyone is off to work.. Kids still have holidays.. I am merely 7 years old.. I just took a crap.. I went off to look for my maid (i think it was because i was hungry).. I didnt bother to put my pants back on.. Everything was going fine. I twirled my pants around (i just had a shirt and spindat on) while shouting "Aunty!! Aunty!!" When i went past the guest area, i suddenly felt the presence of people... THERE WERE ABOUT FIVE (YES, BLOODY FIVE!!!) GIRLS (YES, BLOODY GIRLS!!) sitting in the area. They were obviously there to perform the aforementioned "Beraya". I ran into the kitchen, put my bloody pants back on and I told of my maid for not telling me we had guests.. Girl guests.. Girl guests who were my age.. and they saw me in my underwear.. Of course, it was clearly my own fault.. What did i expect my maid to say? "Oh ya! Hari senin adip kecil memang suka pakai spendet nya aja!" THE HORROR!! THE SHAME!! I had to cover my face as I ran past them to go into my mummy's room.. But the ordeal doesnt end there... When school resumed, some girls confronted me.. They said they saw me naked at my house... "I wasnt naked!! I was wearing underwear! And it wasnt me, it was my identical twin brother!" Yeah right.. Of course they probably didnt buy it.. but to this day, i assumed they did so I am at peace so lets leave it at that.. (Also, i hope my kids never get to read this..) Brunei is hot, okay!! pants restrict some things..

Phew~! Its been such a long while since i blogged properly.. Anyways, this year there quite a number of Bruneians studying in medway. Last year, it was just me and Shirley but this time around, theres also Zaim, Yati, Muiz, Syaza, Thet (honorary bruneian), Izzah, Azimah Zimbo and nabilah. So that makes ten! And these are very nice people! So im glad about that. We have board game nights and poker nights and things are merrier than last year. (About twelve months ago, i thought i was the only Bruneian here..) Oh, by the way, we hangout quite a lot so today, we went for board game hunting! We looked at stores such as Cancer Research UK and British Heart foundation (they sell pre-owned board games for almost nothing!) We got cluedo for 1.25pounds (everything was in mint condition and seemed unused - plastic figured still uncut from plastic frame..) Taboo for a mere 50 pence (worth a try, no?) and Zaim got the Therapy game for 1.49 pounds. What a bargain!

Model is available for hire for 50pence per hour (limaposen) on weekends. Terms and conditions apply.

Previously, me Yati and Zaim, along with Canterburyans (??) Sofi and Jirin went to margate. It was a first time for me and I had an absolute blast! One thing worth mentioning tho, dont be fooled by our pics on the beach, we were absolutely freezing!! (yes, cold winds from the ocean + no jackets = extreme cooling sensation!)

Yati inda puasa!!

Zaim control!!

Mari kitani buat macam ani pantai kitani!!

Self explanatory picture.. Ada adult joke shop next to the bong shop as well..

Ahh.. Margate siuk! Next time lagi pigi Insya Allah. Theres this primark store there as well (tho its not as big as the one we have in Chatham, heheh..) To conclude this post, here are some pics of me "Beraya"ing at Canterbury. Till next time, ciao!!

Me smiling wide as usual..

Group photo in front of rumah Jirin



Rumah alum ada internet.. Payah kan memblog.. mambari stiris nyanta!! Lets give it a bit more time before aku update... Until then, doakan rumah ku laju-laju ada internet.. Tenkiu..

Anybody missed me?

Im blogging again! No thanks to Flooble, who cancelled my chatterbox.. Anyways, i got a new one put up and also made changes to the way this blog looks like. Updates!! Ive now moved to 41, Strover Street and ive only got 3 days of school per week! Isnt that sweet or what!! And ive got juniors and plenty of Bruneians studying in Medway this year so hopefully, ive got company this time around (mind you, last year I almost had to bertakbir sorang sorang di bilik.. Baik jua ada abis si Jirin and si Rabz and Ka Nadz d Canterbury).

Hmm, actually i havent got anything to blog about at the moment. But insya allah, there should be a post coming up before the end of the week.

Until then, goodbye!