Im back!!

Assalamualaikum! Batah udah aku nda post anything. maklumlah, been busy. First it was exams, then it was getting ready to go back home, then udah balik ani, makan saja keraja ku. In fact, im pretty confident that im eligible to turn pro soon. Oh, I dedicate this post to Kaka Afiif yang setia mengikuti blog ani.. Anyways, its been a very busy 1st week. Mengaga my nini, makan, clean my room (many thanks to my sis for messing it up in the 1st place.. Nanti ko..), and then makan and I also carried out my big plan to surprise my friends! (None on my friends in Brunei knew I was coming back.) Me and effy call this plan “The Plan”.

A month before aku sampai d Brunei, me and my good friend effy ada berkomplot to surprise our close friends d Brunei. I had the idea when I booked my tickets to go back home. “cemana baik ku saprais dorang ani ah? “ so ku contact si effy and I told her I was coming home AND that I wanted to surprise our friends. After a few days of deliberation, we decided that a good way to shock them would be to have a gathering at her place and to give them the surprise there..

We had plenty of time, so we planned each bit of the plan in steps.. to make a long story short, I was to be at her gathering BUT my friends will have no idea who I am, as I was to be dressed in a robe and face veil , which I bought at Ebay for 3pounds (Murah! Kalah millimewah!) . All of Effy’s family members played part in this “pranking secara besar besaran”. Effy’s mum jadi penasihat, Effy jadi the important accomplice, hostess and was also the one in charge of the gathering, Saiful jadi cameraman and Qilah mendangani me time aku tunggu the ppl to arrive (betabiat kamu atu eyh!! Panas kali ah bepurdah purdah di Negara located atas khatulistiwa ani!!) and my mum arranged the catering for the event .

When I arrived in Brunei on Saturday, 16th of June. I made sure I had plenty of rest coz the plan was to be carried out the very next day! That Sunday, effy picked me up 11 in the morning (mun aku pakai kerita ku kedapatan tia, nda ja?) and ia bawakan jubah jua selajur. I wore the robe and face veil from my house and all the way to Effy’s to avoid detection.. Yes, we made sure no small detail was left out.. even hid my slippers in case takut si nuar kenal.. Yes, si Nuai, (boyfriend si Effy) pun nda tau.. The fun bit was that people didn’t know that effy knew I was going back home, coz I told my friends d UK when I was going back (and I told them to keep it hush hush) ANYWAYS, to make a long story short (again), when our friends arrived, I peeked at them and Icham (who sat right next to the door) saw “me” (already dressed up as Aishah Maisara) and had this amusing look on her face. She just sat there, frozen.. Mwahaha.. Oh, I forgot to mention, Effy dressed me up so well, aku sendiri nda recognize myself in the mirror! Oh, and I like the calak mata! J

Anyways, here are the pics of me getting ready.. (Just so u know, PANAS pakai pakaian macam atu..)

Tube top to accomodate my breasts.. Haha..

Feminising my manly hands..

Eyeliner!! I loved this bit.. Hahaha!

Gadis berpurdah paling macho di pulau borneo..

Gadis berpurdah paling ayu and photogenic di Dunia..

And here is the best part of the whole thing… I GOT IT ON VIDEO!! J Many thanks to Saiful for being the cameraman..

We had fun lah that day, I really missed the guys. And ramai orang kan minjam the niqab (purdah).. The most important thing, we all met, dined and just hung out after more than 9 months being apart!! Bah, alhamdulillah, siap jua post satu ani.. :)