Happy people..

One thing I dont like about my room (and its just a small issue) is the fact the paper globe that covers the lightbulb is too damn low!! Im not a tall person or anything but ive hit the damn thing two or three times dah (time salin sweater, making bed, anything involving raising my arms basically). I mean, its even hard for me to jump for joy in my room!!

On a happier note, we went to Maidstone last saturday! And the place was absolutely gorgeous!! In terms of shopping (banyak orang berminat mendangar this bit ni) there was heck of a lot of shops and the place was so happenning! We had loadsa fun lah (banar nya Jirin eh, bagus tempat nya.. Memang bijaksana kata-kata Jirin. ) Here's some of the pics we took:

Izzah, Zimbo, Yati and Muiz being oh-so-vain..

The lads in the group..

Uhh, we got bored on the train.. Heheh.

Apa lagi ah? OH!! We celebrated Shirley's birthday the day before we went to Maidstone! We first went to Chatham to go shopping for a bit and I picked a present for her at the last minute (shops here tutup awal ah..) I pretended that I left my debit card at primark and broke off from the group, got to a perfume shop and got her a Ted Baker perfume. The gift was from all of us btw, not just me. We surprised her at Zimah's place. Earlier, her friends from Nottingham and Canterbury showed up to surprise the birthday girl as well.

Before I go, Id like to show this video that i recorded while watching music videos on Sky (macam Astro lah).

Siuk jua tu d lady! Dapat perform sama Usher.. Haha.. But seriously, full of emotion ia atu eh..



As promised, here are some pics of my new house. Its been a while since I updated my blog twice in a day. Anyways, here are the pics:

Sori d pics kabur! Pakai camera nokia 6230.. haha.. so old school..

What a week!

U know I always sed that im usually around in Canterbury on weekends? Well last week, I was there for 5 days out of the seven~! And I just came back from there last night actually, honorary Canterburian sudah ni aku ani (If a word like that existed). Oh, I have a funny story!! Last week time aku kan balik from canterbury, the train schedule was moved a couple of minutes earlier, so instead of catching my train on time, I missed it on time. And the funny part is when I arrived at the station, I could see the train on the platform dah so I rushed through the subway to the other side and I was relieved because I reached the door of the train before the train moved. So I pushed the "open door" button expecting the train to let me in but the train started to move!! all this while, my hand was still lifted in the air after pressing the button.. SIAL!! I mean, I literally missed the train by seconds. Bah, mun sudah ku sampat takan button palui atu (PALUI PUNYA BUTTON!!). Iatah petua orang tua kali tu ah- "Cacap saja train atu lai supaya inda kepunan." Si sofi was still on the other platform when this all happened. I bet ia pikir I was ON the bloody moving train but sekali the train went past, berdiri ku masih on the platform, stunned by my luck.. Katanya cali.. I beg to differ.. So menunggu tah kami another hour for the next train.. And it was rather cold that sunday night.


Here's a random thought: siapa pernah takapit kakinya bawah tayar matuka (motorcar)? Well, aku pernah! It was time balik sekulah ugama (Sekualah Ugama Madewa 4 Life!!) and I was walking beside a row of cars. SO when I tried to walk to the other side, I was too close to this one car and UNfortunately the left front wheel rolled over my right foot (well, not that unfortunate coz ada jua kan ku blog about.. heheh.. )!! To make matters worse, the car stopped while the frickin wheel was still on my frickin foot! I flinched and the driver gave me the look that sed "what's wrong?" I looked back at him, gritted my teeth and I shrugged at him (which supposed to mean "NothingiswrongitsjustyourcaronmyfuckingfootnowmoveyourcarASSHOLE!!) and his car moved (traffic jam wah time anak skulah balik). Anyways, my foot turned out fine (thanks for asking). Keluarga kami andang ada strong feet. (I think it was a hatchback, mun pajero or prado, Si Timpang Hensem tia nickname ku masa ani.. Haha) I remember aku pakai kasut putih Garfield time atu. So I now recommend those shoes jadi kasut skulah ugama anak anak abiskita. Unless kita mau anak kita timpang..

Oh!! My Micro SD card sampai dah! look at how small it is..

Dont you just love it when something you order online arrives! :) So now my phone FINALLY has proper memory!! Unfortunately, I have claass soon so nda sampat isi.. Oh well, karang tah.. OH! to end this post, here are some pics!

P.S. I STILL havent made a post pasal my new house, nantitah, maybe later even mun aku rajin (Im in a good mood masa ani! :)

Seven things..

Dont rub your eyes in disbelief! This blog IS updated.. Its been almost two weeks but i think thats alright coz i update about twice a month anyways. I have been tagged by Jirin so I hafta post seven random facts/travel experiences and/or life facts. So here we go:

1. Aku pun pernah hilang di KL! Me and two aunts were at this shopping centre (di subang kali?) I was about 5 maybe at that time. Ku bawa my aunts ani liat toys (at that age, i was addicted to toys! I think sampai ani I still have a thing for toys!) So I got up the stairs thinking my aunts were right behind me. When I looked back, they werent there!! SO I went back down to look for them but I couldnt find them! (By looking i mean just standing at the bottom of the stairs and looking left and right- a child's effort wah!) When I couldnt see where they were I did what NORMAL kids would do - CRY! This technique worked as i caught the attention of a malaysian man (or woman, i cant recall too clearly). "Napa Dik?" He sed in his/her malaysian accent. "Mama tadi kata nak bawa liat menan (mainan), tapi sudah di atas mama nada" so kana bawa tah ku arah information counter so that announcements could be made. Before the lady at the announcement-making-counter could announce that i was so carelessly lost, she needed my name. "Siapa nama adik?" My t-shirt had my name printed BASAR BASAR at the time (Md Adib). So I pointed at my shirt with attitude (annoyed that she didnt realise it was a name, not a brand.. Baik jua nama ku bukan Kiko.) Anyways, baik jua the lady nda sasak arah attitude ku atu (damit damit nya sudah sarcastic) "Kepada Ibu Bapa budak hilang bernama Muhammad Adib, sila pergi ke kaunter." My aunts (who still did NOT realise I was not with them. Siok shopping udah kali.) heard the announcement, looked back, FINALLY realised I wasnt there, and then sed to each other "ADIB!!" and frantically went to the information counter to pick me up. Baik jua the guy who found me atu baik. I mean, worse case scenario would be me kana culik, aku time damit kiut kali ah.. (Actually, worse case scenario would be me kana culik and then kana jadikan sapak soto, but thats another story)

2. This story also involves my peril in KL (again, I cudnt have been any older than 6). My uncle sebalah my dad dulu ada kana post di KL. So his whole family pun ikut. He got this nice and HUGE house that had a swimming pool. One day, kami semua bersantai dekat the pool. Some of my cousins and aunts were in the pool. They had this inflatable boat that had a rope attached to the front. Usually I wont even go near the pool coz I was afraid of the water (which makes sense cos i didnt know how to swim). I recall asking my cousin to jump in and out of the water like a dolphin.. Typical request from an imaginative boy.. Anyways, my oldest cousin surh kami pull the rope so that the boat wud be dragged to the edges of the pool. when we let go, it would drift back to the middle. There were about 3 or 4 of us pulling at the rope (all kids). At one point, everyone pulled and then let go of the rope but I held on to It (tunjuk kuat lah konon, pakai baju batman time atu complete with cape, batman wouldnt need help to pull a boat right? WRONG!!) The moment the others let go, the boat started drifting back, I remember being pulled into the pool and since I couldnt swim. I started doing the other thing I did know how to do- drown. The weird thing was, i dont remember struggling nor suffering. I was just floating there underneath the water. Everything was blue and it was a serene situation. I did try to scoop my way back back to the surface, but it was in vain. I wasnt down there for long tho. My cousin who was in the boat sed "mana si Adib?", realised I was in the water and pulled me put. TERIMA KASIH KAKA DAYANGKU!!

3. This was time my aunt kan bali kerita baru. Year 2000 i think. SOme dude at this volkswagen showroom was demonstrating the wonderful safety feature their cars had. Safety power windows. He stuck his finger through the window of the car, pushed the button that closes the window and after touching his finger briefly, the window automatically rolled back down so inda lah terkapit jari nya.. WHen i got back home, i tried the same thing with a 1990's suzuki swift.. What happens next you guys shud know..

4. Time primary school, I just loved pranks. There was one prank where I put a water balloon on my friend's seat. She was standing near the chair when I sed "Siapa berdiri, palui!" So she sat down laju laju, maklumlah, siapa jua mau jadi palui kan? She sat down, the water ballon burst and wet her skirt and she paused before crying.. I didnt expect that reaction so I ran to hide in the toilet.. Sampai kana cari cikgu wah! But i didnt open the door.. Sudah abis breaktime baru ku keluar..

5. Time skulah ugama aku awal masuk so I was a year younger than my classmates. I tried the water ballon trick on this huge dude and it did wet his sinjang. Next thing i know I was held by two guys, brought to the tempat berwudhu and the guy whom i just pranked splashed water from a tap to the front of my sinjang. TALUR! Ada patut aku mengatil arah gang leader.. Karma from my previous story perhaps..

6. People always think Im chinese. TIme keraja d HSBC relatives pun think aku chinese. I get spoken to in Chinese. and despite the name tag "Muhammad Adib" i wear during work, i still get "melayu kah cina kau ani wang?" I even confuse the old people yang batah udah hidup di dunia ani (and in their own words, lagi banyak makan sira dari aku). I account this to the fact my mata sepet. And balah my mum and dad BOTH have similar eye shapes so theres no escaping it (Not that Im complaining, I like our eyes! :) ) But there was that one point where luan malar kana ucap bukan melayu that i kinda considered cosmetic surgery (nadawah). But entah ah, i heard ada jua a bit of chinese blood from dad's side (but like generations and generations ago).

7. Last but not least, two days ago, me Jirin and Syazwi makan lunch di Tia. On the menu was bombay potato, since i like d potatoes, ku tanya what the dish was like. The dude said the following (and i quote!!)

"bombay potato? Uhm, its like a potato."

No shit Sherlock..

Thats it for now. But before I go, Id like to tag Haji Muhammad Sofiyuddin bin Haji Sani of Kampung Mata Mata, who now resides in Spring Lane, Canterbury UK to list seven things about himself (Theres no escaping Sof!! Update blog mu wah!!!)

Till next time, Assalamualaikum!

p.s. Sori batah nda update, everyone!