Lazy bum.

About two weeks since my last post?? Why do I have a blog in the first place?? Haha.. oh well. ive been meaning to blog for the past few days actually but I was just not in the right emotional state to blog.. Aiseh, ke jiwa si Adib ani.. Tapi banar eh, lately macam something missing rasanya.. I had plenty of stuf to blog about, but was just unable to get myself to type.. Anyways, I really hate the humidity level sini ani. Its so easy to get dry skin over here! And i hafta keep using moisturiser (inda macho, I know, but a guy has to moisturise these days!!) and sudahpun karing ah, it even bleeds sometimes.. baik jua bekamih inda keluar in powdered form..

Karing kulitku, karing..

The past two weeks ani, nothing much happened rasanya (well, except for last weekend where we had Majlis Ramah Mesra bersama Sultan). Oh, I did get chased by a dog in November! I was walking to uni and when i went on this stretch of road in the woods, i heard a distinct, low grumbling sound.. I immediately thot "shit, there's an angry dog somewhere.." Tapinya kan, ku cari cari, inda ada! until i looked forward and down when i saw this PUPPY the size of a CHIHUAHUA growling at me.. I ignored the dumb mutt and kept on walking.. The dog then started chasing me at full speed (I only had to jog lightly to stay a safe distance). I smiled as i was pursued by this rather cute, albeit angry, pup. I mean, how much harm kan that FURBALL of an animal do to me? The worst case scenario would be me, kicking the dog full in the face, sending it flying a few metres away. But im glad it didnt have to come to that as the dog's owner yelled "What are you doing!?" to the dog and it backed away.. He then apologised to me (the owner, not the dog). I was kinda disappointed tho.. I always wanted to see a flying dog. (Well, not always.. Just since the dog chased me..)

Thats not the first time i was chased by a dog tho, one time when i was riding a scooter with my uncle, we went past this readymix concrete facility (the one in Bunut, on the way to makam Luba). We stopped in fron of a parking lot, and my uncle stopped and sounded the horn a few times. Then, this dog came from nowhere and started chasing us!! I mean, you may think its okay since we were on a scooter, tapinya kan, there was me, my uncle and my small cousin riding "mencheche" (style bujang lapok). The dog did get really close to us and this was a problem coz i was sitting behind my uncle, who was riding the scooter. I would be the very first one to suffer if the dog got to us!! Im sure di gigit nya or sumthing, nada ia kan join kami tour round kampung kali..

Lets chuck in a picture to this post!

Check out the sponsor of the football team!! Bimbo! In my first impression, some rich girl ran out of ideas.. "Ohmygod!! Like, what should I do with all this frickin monneyy??" And then went on to sponsor a football team.. Actually, the team above is Las Chivas of Mexico. And Bimbo is actually a big Mexican bread company.. Sama tu bah MUN Gardenia or Azmee bakery sponsor team bula.. (Except of course for the unfortunate name..)

Hmm, i dont know if I mentioned this, but dulu I was asked by my aunt to jaga my cousins. So i slept in their room arah tilam on a floor and dorang tidur atas katil. They take karate and one night, the eldest mengigau.. His hand were making silat-like movements. "Eh, mimpi silat ia!! I wonder what happens if aku kacau.." And so i punched him (lightly!!) sikit sikit around his face and he made a dejected look, retreated and went back to sleep. (mimpi kana tumbuk and kana kalahkan ia!) IT WORKED!! And this was backed by an article i found on the internet, dreams can be (as i have proven in my research, haha.) interfered by external stimuli. GIVE ME MY PHD!! :p U can find more facts about dreams here.

Apa lagi kan di blog ah.. Oh! Its time for something that's:

look at what i found on the internet:

Gay Fuel!! (WTF right??) According to the makers, Gay Fuel is similar to Red Bull, except the liquid is dyed bright pink (which makes sense, bright pink is pretty gay..) Its makers claim Gay Fuel contains a blend of sexual stimulant herbs and immune system boosters (yes, this is needed, with the AIDS and whatnot going round the gay community..) So guys, if your single male friend (who wears tight jeans) invites you over their place, offers you some gay fuel because they say that this is the only drink they have and say that the ten jars of vaseline are for their dry skin DONT FALL INTO THE TRAP!! I do wonder how it tastes like tho.. NO, NO!! Resist the temptation Dib!! No good can come from such a product.. Not for a straight guy like me atleast..

Bah, thats it for now. Hope this post was enjoyed by the people who read it. "Kalau sedap bagitau kawan, kalau tak sedap, bagitau kami" (haha, plagiarised from restoran Azmee..)

Peace out!!

p.s. No, i was NOT under the influence of gay fuel atau mana mana produk yang sewaktu dengannya while taking this photo.. Have a nice day people!! :)