Mischievous monkey.

Hi! After about a month of hiatus, here I am again. Just three crummy posts in three months.. Once a month.. Wow.. That means I basically have a blogging frequency similar to that of a menstruation cycle.. haha..Of all the things I can compare myself to. . I feel random tonight so lets go!! Okay, first I would like to dispute this "All babies are cute" stereotype. Now, I know that most of us would like to think we were adorable as babies, but I feel obliged to inform you that non-attractive (or less than attractive babies) do exist (and dont try to deny this, you people know who you are..) Just the other day when I was walking into this oriental shop in bayswater that I saw a not-so-cute infant in a stroller.. I believe I even said "OH!" upon seeing him/her.. Then i proceeded to look at the mother who was pushing the stroller and I believe I said "Oh, patut jua!" Now, I may just made myself sound like an absolute jerk (and dont get me wrong, I can be sometimes, so lets not rule that out) but I thought that was a bit funny (albeit cruel.)

I now recall this moment where i tried to teach my little cousin how to do an evil laugh. I was in charge of babysitting him for a while and thats when he started repeating the things that I said. SO i thought "why not?" For argument's sake, lets say the typical evil laugh is spelt starting with a 'B' followed by "wahahaha" (it is up to the person to determine how many ha's follow the 'bwa'). So there I was with my lil cousin, and I went "Bwahahaha!" much to my dismay, the little bugger simply went "Buah!" Three tries, three "buahs" and I gave up.. silap ku jua bah,
mun ku ajar berselawat kah, berzikir kah, ada jua faedah nya.. I just ended up wasting my time (and those reading this probably wont entrust me with their kids now, lest I teach them anymore silly things..)

Hmm, twenty minutes to midnight.. My friends are out watching cloverfield and I decide that I cant join them since I got work to do (and my typing up of this post just shows how deeply involved I am with my business proposal right now..) Lets put some pics in this post, shall we?

Yes, december was a blast! Cardiff was wicked as well. Even brought up nostalgic memories by plaing slug bug on the bus! I won of course with seven slug bugs (volkswagen beetles) but Elush had the lead if you count the bicycles (two) yellow cars (three) and smiley face stickers (one) she slugged me for.. (Lush, if youre reading this, mana kira tuu!!) Haha, maybe Im just a sore loser..

Bah, its getting late (almost half past one!) and im done anyways.

Until next time, Jump for joy everybody~~!! ** \(^ . ^)/ **