Berlin ist Super-awesome~! (Part one)

Assalamualaikum! Ohmigod its been such a long time! An alternative title for this post would be "overdue menstrual cycle" (siapa nda tau kenapa, tanya si Rabz). But yeah, aku atu kiranya kan pencen wah dari blogging ani. Inda tercari masa kan duduk dapan laptop and bekurapak arah skrin ah. But anyways, this post will be an intro to the great GREAT time I had d Jarman amnya dan Berlin khususnya. Shout out to Ali, Rabz (i mentioned u second coz u kata ud rindu Ali rather than me >:p he's in canterbury for crying out loud! haha nothing personal), Imah, Huda and especially Uncle Ali, Auntie Noriah and Kaka Haslin!! (Who has been the brilliant brilliant company/hostess for the whole trip, kami sayang kaka! Tanpa kaka siapa lah kami!) Anyways, this post will be a short, and mainly pictorial intro to the trip.. Pics used are from the first day we were in Berlin.

Right, we arrived early morning (4am i think) at Luton airport. The morning at the airport started with us sleeping at the benches there (Si Imah gambar aku tidur!! Mun ku tau ku gambar ia tidur LANGAP LANGAP dalam kerita.) But nda apa, sabar saja kan.. pakal saja senyuman mu menawan hati.. Haha. ;p

Wardrobe malfunction started the day off pretty well..

There were also cases of men doing not so manly things (guys got to moisturise too!!)

Gila laju eh tangan si Ali pakai losyen ah..

Yeah, sampat lagi begambar wah dalam airport ah. Sorang sorang kelaparan. Maklumlah, easyjet KARIT nada makanan. (At this point id like to point out si Ali masak pasta and i had it di Brunei hall. Was quite good! Thanks bro!) When we arrived at Berlin Schoenefeld, the weather was quite warm and we were greeted by Danny, who also drove us to the residence of our host, Uncle Ali.

Sunny day and kana tagur coz aku begambar arah airfield time baru landing tadi.. Nda sampai lima minit, buat pasal tia udah..

Lapas samapai d rumah uncle Ali, we were shown to our rooms, and guys and girls had separate rooms and showers. Just to point out, there was one day where i had four showers (yes, the shower was THAT good!!) We wanted to head out somewhere that day jua so we went to visit Sanssouci palace. Lawa tempatnya nyanta!!

Left to right: Rabz, Ali, Yang di muliakan Muhammad Adib Hashim, Doktor Kaka Haslin Ali dan Huda

Kuning coz national colour abisdorang..

Introducing the aforementioned Imah, note the smile.. Haha

Lawa sarung tangan saya? (Glove pinjam..)

And the weather got warm..

Meanwhile, the naked statues did their thing..

...and Ali did his..

Ahh, love was in the air.. (Smelt an awful lot like the diesel fumes from my Kia Carens..)

..but all jokes aside, this was a beautiful place..

Excessive amounts of nudity aside, this was a beautiful place..

...I mean, just look at it.. Tak lawa ke tu?? (click to see larger image)

...Ada beautiful people..

Its even got an awesome windmill!! (not that awesome banarnya, didnt move an inch while we were there. Verily, it was the most passive windmill ive ever seen..)

We taught Rabz a lesson in being discreet once in a while, tapi macam nda berapa berhasil..

It was a tiring day but it was a magnificent start to the trip! Lapas abis di Sanssouci (pronounced sand sushi) we went home and got ready to have dinner with Uncle Ali and family at this turkish restaurant.. The food was the bomb!! Me and Ali oredered this meal that concisted of two strips of kofte with rice. Dalam gambar on menu damit saja.. In real life, basar hantap!! Terpedaya kami.. And sambalnya padas! Kalah sambal nasi katok ku! Those who know me will not be surprised that i was sweating buckets due to the padasness.. Tapi nyaman.. I really struggled to finish the meal coz BANYAK!! but since si Ali finished the food, pressure ku jua kan menghabiskan, kira terpaksalah untuk jaga water face.... Ilang tia macho kan mun order basar tapi inda abis..

Suasana meriah di restoran Turki.. (far left is Uncle Ali and wife, Auntie Noriah. From far right: Normal Ali, Imah, Huda, Rabz, Kaka Haslin)

FIrst day udah siuk wah d Berlin ah, expect better stories in the next part!! Last but not least, here is gambar ku tidur d Luton airport (Si Imah tu gambar... Ingat Imah, doa orang teraniaya mudah di makbulkan.. heheh ;p )

Baik jua nada cecair mengalir atau terjadinya langap langap.. Manage to sleep in public with dignity fully intact..

And one more thing before I sign off, id like to do someting that has become sort of a tradition with my last few posts (altho im sure payah kamu kan ingat coz nda jua malar banar aku blogging aia kan..) Thats right, its time for something thats:

U guys know i got this sweet tooth, right ? (Well, if kamu inda tau, im telling you now) I just love chocs (white, please) and ice cream and I take it for granted that I, as a male species, am eligible to enjoy whatever confectionery i wish.. Until i found this:

Men's chocolate?? All this while I thought chocolate was unisexual!! I also found another thing that was peculiarly made for men in Berlin (and its even more controversial than this.. BELIEVE ME..) Wait for it (dalam dua bulan kah.. kidding!)

Bah thats it for now.. Until next time, take care!

P.S. Sorry it took me way too long!! But atleast ada kan?

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8 May 2008 at 06:03

Haha, what will the japanese come up with next?! Though I have to say the one we saw in Berlin's Metro tops it all! XD