Three years gone in a flash..

I just finished all my exams last friday and what a relief it was. Hopefully all went well-ish and I can now look forward to spending my summer and graduation (and obviously balik brunei!!). Right, one of my friends who (or is it whom?) ive known for quite a while asked me today if i knew what shin splints were. me, being a future sports therapist, told him that of course i would know what it was! and i gave him the same professional advice as i did to one of my other friends: tangas pakai kayu tongkat ali (cali kau ani eh! wow! kau tah yang paling cali di dunia Dib! syabas!) ANYWAYS, lameness aside I recommend him to wear shoes with better support (his provided as much support as a sports bra made of tissue paper would) and refrain from running for a while, and maintain fitness through other means (swim, cycle, wii). cant give much else info really (sof contact ku mun mau detail lagi, jangan ko tanya cemana buang angin sudah)

Right now im in my living room home alone and watching united taking on hull. its a wonderful day outside and we may even have a barbecue later! its good just to stay in tho, im just chilling and having a nice smoke on the shisha as well. im just surprised that the stupid firealarm is actually not sounding at all.. giving me the benefit of the doubt perhaps. I can just imagine the thing thinking " blimey! whats that smell?! One ofthe lads must have let one rip.." I hate the bloody thing, i put an ocean crumble in the oven and it bleeps like bloody murder!! its a good thing its just shisha, if its a proper fire in the middle of the night and it doesnt sound, we'd all probably be cooked medium rare before we realise anything has gone wrong..

anyways, im going back to my football. ta ta!



25 June 2009 at 21:28

Congrats DIB lemme the first one to give u comment since nada ku liat org gi comment ....


Lemme atleast the 1st tinggalkan comment ani walaupun bukan the 1st to know...(hm hm u know what i mean)
Take care dear...

hey...btw b shisha ko kah?????? BAD BAD , nda ku ingat ngajar ko b shisha atu wahhhhh nada dlm my mentor list ( bad for health though ..... )

heee one more thing !! lepas kaja pressure ko lagi ni kna suruh kawin hahaha ada calon?? Bah introduce dulu rh ku for approval

Luv u... ( sapa nah ?? )


25 June 2009 at 21:30

eeee lupa ku actually aku ni main2 taip nama my arh google skli smua kuar wahhhhhh.......